Williams Homes, LLC

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Executive Staff

CEO/Marketing Coordinator

Bryan Williams Jr.

Email: [email protected]

"Hi! im bryan. Im the owner here at williams homes and I've devoted my life into this business for years! We are here to provide the best services and build a family ."


Brittany White

email: [email protected]

"I started working in this field when i was 18 y/o. I HAVE been working in this field 

for almost 19 years and I love my job!"

ADS Coordinator 

Jason Steward

email: jasonste[email protected]

"My goal is improving the  lives of every individual to make sure they get to experience what everyone else does. That is why I love what I do!"

Office Manager

Sharonda Lucas

email: [email protected]

"I have been working in this field for over 20 years and I love my job! I love taking care of those with special needS."

Transportation Manager

Myron Marsenburg

email: [email protected]

"my job here at williams homes has felt more like fun than a job. this is the perfect environment for learning, coping, and creating new possibilities!